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Manufactured Stone

How to estimate manufactured stone for a project:

  1. Determine the total project square footage. Multiply length by height of each surface to be covered. Deduct the area of all openings, such as doors and windows.
  2. Determine the lineal footage of corner stones needed. Measure the lineal feet of outside corner areas to be covered, including any doorways and windows that will have corners.
  3. Determine the square footage of flat stones required. Mutiply lineal footage of corner stones by 0.75 (one lineal foot of corners equals approximately 3/4 square foot of flat stone). Subtract this figure from the total project square footage. This will give you the square footage of flat stone required. However, some extra quantity of flats is desirable for best fitting and for cutting and trimming.

Today's manufactured stone combines Portland cement, lightweight aggregates, and mineral oxide colors, to duplicate the color palette of building stone common to most U.S. regions.

The process utilizes a variety of molds, which create textures and shapes that replicate natural stone. Units can be hand-tooled and hand-finished at the jobsite.

Installing veneer units is virtually as easy as tiling a wall. Weighing 10 lb./sq.ft. or less,they exert minimal shearing force, which may eliminate the need for footings, wall ties, or other structural supports. Whether you hire contractors or perform the work yourself, manufactured stone from Acme Brick installs quickly and easily.

Wherever the appearance of real stone is required, ask your Acme representative or visit an Acme showroom for samples.

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