2016 Pocket Guide to Brick Construction

FORT WORTH, TEXAS, April 28, 2016 - In 1984 Acme Brick Company introduced its first edition of the Pocket Guide to Quality Brick Construction.  Since then, over 25,000 copies of this reference book have been distributed to individuals in the construction industry across America.  The newest edition is 25% larger, increasing from 128 to 160 pages. 

Among the changes/updates for the guide are:

  • Several cost calculators have been revised to reflect current costs of materials and labor.
  • The section on brick walls is updated to better represent current construction methods and options in brick sizes.
  • The section of cleaning methods and products has been updated.

It’s all here: brick size and weight information, mortar cost calculation, cold weather masonry requirements, brick wall properties, flashing and weep hole details, etc.  For those wondering how brick size effects wall costs – there are wall costs per square foot based on various brick sizes.

This is a detailed, authoritative reference manual for anyone dealing with masonry, prepared by America’s largest U.S. owned brick company.

The Acme Pocket Guide is free.  Please contact your local Acme sales representative or call 1-800-792-1234 to request a copy.

The guide is also available as a free PDF download.