Burnished Block

Burnished concrete masonry units (CMU) add refinement to a building's exterior - and even interior - at a value price.

Acme's burnished-block selection includes Hill Country Stone, from Acme Brick's sister company Featherlite Building Products. Over decades now, architects across the Southwest have used Hill Country Stone, and yet we make new friends every day, developing new applications and helping with beautiful installations of this versatile, time-tested material. Featherlite provides you the beauty of dimensional cut stone at half the price. We offer a variety of sizes and proportions for walls that span great distances and retain a human scale. Your buildings deserve reliable, easily maintained Hill Country Stone, the graceful answer for demanding use. Get to know an old friend better with our bigger, free design brochure.

Specific Advantages and Benefits

  • Low installed costs
  • Easily maintained surfaces
  • Durable concrete masonry construction
  • Interior and exterior surfaces
  • Versatility, in load-bearing or veneer applications: schools, colleges, office buildings, hospitals, churches, banks, armories, industrial buildings, detention facilities, shopping centers, and homes
  • Firesafe, energy efficient and sound absorbing
  • Enhanced aesthetic beauty for any project
  • Unlimited options in design creativity

Build a virtual wall in Masonry Designer

Featherlite Hill Country Stone is loaded into Acme Brick Masonry Designer, a free download compatible with Microsoft Windows PCs. To download the Masonry Designer application, click here.