Extruded thinBRIK

Nine colors of thinBRIK™ are available nationwide, in the most popular size used today: modular (2-1/4” x 7-5/8”). Corner units with a 3-5/8” return are available as well. View the pdf below to see more.

These extruded thinBRIK are compatible with formliner systems, or with lightweight metal panel systems where brick are secured with thinset mortar and then grouted.
To assure optimum adhesion they have two recessed slots running lengthwise.

thinBRIK greatly enhance a commercial building’s exterior façade at a competitive price. Ask your Acme Brick representative for current inventory.

Oversized flat Roman Plus (19.625" x 1.625") extruded thinBRIK are also available in three colors.

PDF icon Extruded thinBRIK Trifold1.76 MB
PDF icon thinBRIK Applications1.56 MB