The Loft Bathroom: One of the Hottest Trends in Custom Homes

While it may seem counterintuitive, the minimalist design found in many tiny apartments in large cities has become extremely popular in luxury custom homes. Some of these are found in upscale neighborhoods of Denver and surrounding areas. This “loft” look—which features reclaimed wood, vintage-looking fixtures, exposed pipes and brick walls—is particularly prevalent in the bathrooms of these homes.

There are many reasons for this interior design trend but, fundamentally, it is due to the desire of custom home buyers to have a unique residence. Since the bathrooms and the kitchens of these luxury homes are the most used rooms, they represent an excellent opportunity for home owners to show their individuality.

Solid Rock Custom Homes

Custom home builders in the Denver area serve a diverse group of customers, from hip technology entrepreneurs to more traditional and, often, older clients. These clients have their own ideas about what represents their specific “style.” Solid Rock Custom Homes, located in Colorado Springs, has been building iconic, unique homes since 2004, and the two people responsible for translating customer preferences into their dream home are Barbara Chappell and Kim Cieplik.              

“What sets our company apart from some of the other builders in the market is that we are a locally owned and family operated business,” Barbara noted. “We are also completely ‘custom.’ This means that each of our homes is one of a kind. We work hard to incorporate the unique tastes and lifestyle needs of our clients into their homes.”

Loft Style Bathrooms are in Demand

Social media sites such as Pinterest and interior design publications and sites such as Houzz have featured thousands of bathrooms in upscale homes that have a distinctive, “industrial,” or loft, look. Kim and Barbara have slightly different opinions as to why this style is so popular.

“I believe this trend is partially due to the fact that the millennial generation, of which I am a part of, is starting to have a greater impact on the building and design industries,” Kim said. “The idea of living in a trendy, little apartment in New York City with the industrial look is becoming increasingly desired with this age group. So we are starting to see trends and finishes move towards this look, and in  affordable ways.”

“As someone who is a part of an older generation and who enjoys the outdoors, I really love the elements that go into this loft look,” Barbara said. “The natural stones and brick adds a cozy atmosphere to me, and the openness of this style is very appealing.”

Jay Cox of Acme Brick agrees with both. “Younger people love the natural, environmentally friendly aspects of brick,” he said. “And older home owners appreciate its warmth. Combining the look and feel of brick with other industrial elements, such as exposed beams and pipes, metal window frames and subdued lighting, is the archetype of loft living.”

Reclaimed Wood Enhances this Style

Another aspect of the loft look for bathrooms is the incorporation of reclaimed wood. What is driving this trend?

“I believe the idea of ‘bringing the outdoors in’ has come full circle,” Kim noted. “This was very popular in the 40s and 50s and it is becoming popular again. This includes such things as using rustic wood shelves or an old metal bench as a part of the furniture.”

“In Colorado, we have many people ‘escaping’ to a mountain cabin in the woods,” Barbara added. “Bringing reclaimed wood into someone’s custom home gives it more of a relaxed, ‘retreat’ feeling. This reclaimed look can also work with any style—whether it is quirky and fun or more traditional. Using reclaimed wood is also good for the environment and this is an important consideration to Coloradans.”

More Design Tips for the Loft Look

There are several other interior design strategies that are used by Solid Rock Custom Homes to give their clients that loft look in the bathroom.

“Lighting and plumbing fixtures are an important consideration,” Kim said. “In addition, our customers are requesting a wide range of metallic finishes and fixtures. There is also a trend toward mixing the finishes and materials in the bathroom. This enhances that industrial look.

“For flooring, we are seeing a demand for the natural cement look, but homeowners do not want the maintenance and price of real concrete. To achieve this look, we are installing large format tiles that look like real concrete, but have a cheaper price point, and little maintenance.

 “We have also built custom, rustic vanities for our clients,” Barbara said. “Whether it is a cement trough or a reclaimed furniture piece with a glass vessel sink incorporated, the look is very eclectic.”

Fixtures are an important aspect of a loft-style bathroom, and the design specialists at Solid Rock Custom Homes have noted a preference among clients.

“They usually ask for fixtures manufactured by Hansgrohe,” Kim said. “Hansgrohe has clean lines, which work well with either modern or industrial style bathrooms.  We also work with Kohler quite a bit. They have great products and great people behind them.

“In general, we are seeing a move toward more ‘earthy” materials, such a brick, among our clients. The reclaimed wood and repurposed metal are a part of that trend.”

If you are considering a loft-style bathroom for your custom home, contact Solid Rock Custom Homes in Colorado Springs for some great ideas. For more information on using brick in your new home, get in touch with Jay Cox at Acme Brick Denver.