June 8, 2016 - A new brick product from Acme Brick Company has a face that is one inch taller than the company’s King Size brick that is typically used on homes. Estate size brick is 3 5/8” tall by 9 5/8” wide contrasted to King Size which is 2 5/8” by 9 5/8”. This increased dimension makes Estate Brick more efficient to manufacture, ship and install.

This new brick lays up like modular brick and should match door and window heights without the need to cut brick. When laid in a one-third bond, Estate brick turns corners easily.

Estate is currently available in over 60 color options including 53 standard blends. Color options vary by market and samples can be viewed here.  This oversized brick has a more substantial appearance from a street view and the brick detail and patterning are very prominent.

For consumers, designers and architects desiring a different “look” in a home or commercial structure, Estate brick provides a beautiful option.

For more information please contact your local Acme Brick sales office or visit www.brick.com .

Acme Brick Company, the largest U.S. brick company, is a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies headed by famed investor Warren Buffett.  Acme was established on April 17th, 1891.