Introduction to Terracotta Panels


This course will give an overview of the use of terracotta cladding panels as a building finish material. Upon completion of this course, the design professional will be able to:

  • Describe terracotta panel materials and how they are used
  • Understand the standards and codes related to terracotta panels
  • Learn how terracotta panels are used as a part of rain screen systems and sealed wall systems
  • Learn the different methods of installation for terracotta panels.

Residential Brick Construction and Brick Veneer on Wood Studs

A detailed look at good residential brick construction techniques and why they are important as well as constructing brick veneer over wood studs. Topics include wood stud framing construction, air space, flashing and weeps, mixing and placing mortar, brick anchors, lintels and arches, support of brick, expansion joints, and cleaning. This program can help architects and builders improve construction quality and limit liability and call-backs.