TC Cladding

Acme TC Cladding. Discover why it's The Choice.

Yes, the "TC" in Acme TC Cladding stands for Terra Cotta. But it stands for much more. It also means Tough Construction, Total Confidence, Thrilling Colors, True Creativity, Terrific Cost and Trusted Company.

Acme TC Cladding consists of five product lines; TC Tiles, TC Rainscreen Lite, TC Rainscreen, TC Sealed, and TC Sunshade. Made from fired terracotta, these products have huge potential for customization with a wide range of colors, surface options, shapes, and sizes. 

Our terra cotta panels are manufactured to strict tolerances, ensuring trouble-free installation. Terra cotta is durable, moisture resistant, non combustable, all while being lightweight and low maintenance. The modern, clean aesthetics offer limitless design possibilites. Plus, the panel system requires less onsite labor and installs in all weather conditions using multiple methods, including the Fast Track System. 

Whether you're designing, specifying or constructing a building, choose the name you can trust: Acme TC Cladding. Its contemporary look, versatility, performance and savings will have you Thoroughly Content.

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