A luxury washroom featuring Playa Vista limestone
Outdoor dining area featuring Playa Vista limestone

An appreciation of the natural look and rustic feel of structures built from stone began in ancient Rome and Greece. When modern-day travelers marvel at the Roman aqueducts and the Parthenon of ancient Greece, a pleasant sensation is triggered in their brains, and this affinity has continued for centuries. 
Unfortunately, the “building codes” (such as they were) and labor costs have changed over the past few thousand years! Now, to get that look and feel of stone at an affordable price, architects, homebuilders, and the clients they serve must rely on alternative materials. This has led to an increase in the popularity of stone veneer, such as Coronado Stone, available from Acme Brick.
What This Means for You — Coronado architectural stone veneer can be used to greatly enhance the look and feel of a wide range of projects, from exterior walls to interior accent walls, kitchen backsplashes to outdoor entertainment spaces, and any other spot that can benefit from the timeless character of stone.

Acme is more than just brick. Products such as Coronado Stone have been extensively vetted for quality, durability, low maintenance, and beauty. Look here and see why stone veneer has become so popular with builders and homeowners.

Coronado Stone: It Started in the Garage

Just like other BIG IDEAS from companies like Hewlett-Packard and Apple, good things can start in the humblest of “laboratories.” Tonya Owen, Regional Sales Manager for Coronado Stone Products (CSP) notes, “Our company began in the garage of our founder, Mel Bacon, back in the early 1960s in Los Angeles, California,” she said.  
“Mr. Bacon was a metal siding installer whose customers asked if they could put stone on the side of their house.  Through trial and error, he found he was able to simply pour colored concrete onto his garage floor, and when partially dried, he would break it into random pieces. He began to offer and install these random shapes for homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area.
“Just like that, Coronado was born, and from one manufacturing facility, it began to create new methods of mass-producing stone veneer products for dealers throughout California. Today, Coronado utilizes 8 manufacturing plants in 5 states to service the entire country. Mel is known as one of the primary inventors of this product category and has developed many of the new product profiles within the industry. He continues to be our Chairman of the Board and CEO.”

How Can Homeowners Get Coronado Stone?

“Our products are sold primarily through a national network of building material dealers throughout the United States, and we are proud to include Acme Brick in this group,” Owen said. “Our products are specified by architects and homebuilders alike and recommended by the sales teams of our preferred dealer network.  
“Coronado Stone products have been specified and can be seen on large, iconic projects including the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the seawall at Pebble Beach, and the Gaylord hotel in Grapevine, Texas. Large national builders, including Toll Brothers, D.R. Horton, and others, use CSP in their new construction. Plus, residential customers love the ability to use our products to transform a living room fireplace, a backyard BBQ area, or a feature wall in their kitchen.”
Playa Vista Limestone

Flexibility Is Paramount

Stone veneer in general has grown thanks to benefits such as its relative ease of installation, durability, limited maintenance requirements, and timeless appearance. Coronado Stone Products in particular have almost limitless flexibility.
“Compared with standard sizes in brick and natural stone products, Coronado offers over 100 unique sizes and textures of stone products,” Owen notes. “In addition to the unique textures offered, our products come in over 100 different standard colors and offer the opportunity to produce any stone in thousands of custom colors.
“We also offer a great ThinBrick product that homeowners use to ‘warm up’ areas that might need a little more charm. Like our other veneer products, this ThinBrick is lightweight and easy to install.
“Finally, we have a 50 Year limited warranty on all our stone veneer products. The architects, builders, and homeowners who have chosen CSP veneer know this is an extremely durable and long-lasting siding product. There are homes on the market that utilized Coronado Stone nearly a half century ago, and they still look great to this day!
“Coronado Stone is proud of its heritage of not only being a primary founding member of the stone veneer industry but continues to be the largest privately held manufacturer of stone veneer.  While our competitors have come and gone, our tradition of building lasting relationships with our dealer partners and among the specifier community is something we are very proud of.”
Home improvement products are top of mind for families who plan to stay in their current residence but need an upgrade. Take a quick look at the possibilities and then contact the experts at Acme Brick.