The name Acme can sound generic - but there's nothing generic about an Acme Brick.

In 1891, when we fired our first brick, the name Acme was a common corporate name. But it also meant something specific: the promise of superior quality. The word Acme has roots in ancient Greek and means "the highest point." And  across the Southeast and Southwest United States, nearly two thousand Acme associates combine leading-edge technology and time-tested standards to bring "the highest point" to homes like yours.

More than a pretty face.

Acme Brick derive their rich colors from the natural clay deposits near each plant. Hard-firing locks in the color permanently - as brick pass through computer-controlled kilns and reach temperatures up to 2,000 degrees. You may choose to paint later, but you'll never have to - the way you would with, say, fiber cement siding.

An Acme Brick home delivers benefits that transcend curb appeal:

  • natural insulation,
  • reduction in maintenance costs,
  • lower insurance rates,
  • higher resale value, and
  • fire protection.

Each Acme Brick is manufactured to exceed the quality standards in all building codes. Our residential brick will endure sub-freezing cold, will withstand blistering heat, and will remain beautiful for 100 years. In fact, we guarantee it.

Beauty, durability, value - it all adds up.

For a detailed analysis of the true value of brick, download this PDF. And if you want still more proof of the enduring value of Acme Brick, just drive around the nicest and best-established neighborhoods in your city. Note how many have brick on the outside. Then look up their value on your favorite home-shopping website or app. That's some real staying power, in dollars and cents. 

Ready to take your new home to the highest point? Have a look around our site - and if we can answer any questions, please get in touch.