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Texas Storm Reveals a Disaster-Relief Tool - Outdoor Grills

Why can’t I free your doubtful mind, and melt your cold, cold heart.

~ Hank Williams

In Texas, on Valentine’s day, 2021, there were many cold, cold hearts, not to mention more than a few cold, cold fingers and toes. Unfortunately, the next day it would be worse. A serious electrical failure was coming fast. An epic winter storm would turn the “Lone Star State” into a dangerous deep freeze that would leave residents in their homes for more than a week.

Popular DIY Home Improvement Projects That Deliver Great ROI

Home renovation projects are an important part of the “new normal” that we’ve all been hearing about in the year of the pandemic. For example, recent research notes that appliance sales and aesthetic upgrades to both indoor and outdoor kitchens have never been this robust. Why? This is because cooking, dining, and entertaining at home haven’t been this popular since President Franklin Roosevelt offered his “Fireside Chats” during the Great Depression. 

Ready to Update Your Floors and Walls? Here are Some Great Ideas!

Homeowners who have decided that 2021 is a great year for a new look in their residence have an abundance of opportunities, especially as they relate to new designs for both floors and walls. While these two categories may not receive the kind of attention that is given to the most popular paint colors, furnishings, kitchens, and other frequently changed elements of a home, product innovations for these two areas are pushing them to the forefront for both interior designers, homebuilders, and owners. 

What are the Top Four Priorities of Young Homebuyers?

Don’t look now but the largest demographic group in history - those under-40-years old - is leading the charge for change in homeownership. The grandchildren of the fabled “baby boomers” are now married with children of their own and are redefining what “luxury” living is all about. For many reasons, including the effects of the pandemic, historically low mortgage interest rates, and their goal of having quality education for their young children, these young families are “so over” urban living or long commutes to sleepy suburbs.

Tips on Extending Your Outdoor Entertainment Space Into Fall and Winter

The weather might be chilly, but for many, the outdoor grilling must go on! 

One of the unintended consequences of social distancing, which occurred in response to concerns about the COVID virus, is decidedly positive. More people than ever before have discovered that cooking at home, rather than going out, might be a safer, healthier, and more delicious alternative. Not only that, but many of these DIY chefs have found that entertaining, cooking, and dining outside is even more fun.


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