Outdoor fireplace
Outdoor fireplace

The weather might be chilly, but for many, the outdoor grilling must go on! 

One of the unintended consequences of social distancing, which occurred in response to concerns about the COVID virus, is decidedly positive. More people than ever before have discovered that cooking at home, rather than going out, might be a safer, healthier, and more delicious alternative. Not only that, but many of these DIY chefs have found that entertaining, cooking, and dining outside is even more fun.

The challenge comes when “Old Man Winter” takes off his sunglasses and floppy hat and puts on his coat and scarf. 

This prompts the question: What happens to outdoor entertaining when it starts to get cooler? This query was answered recently by the Wall Street Journal. “In the Covid-19 era, a private outdoor space offers both safety and freedom.” All it takes is ingenuity, some basic, weather-resilient design, and appliances. Luckily, the experts at Acme Brick have figured this out and now offer products that can extend an outdoor entertainment area’s usefulness through the autumn and even into the holidays. 

Has the chilly weather snuck up on you? Take a glimpse at some of our latest products perfect for the chilly months ahead.

Fire Changes Everything

Approaching cooler weather has encouraged home designers to include new features that make the outdoor entertainment space as cozy as an evening indoors. The foundation of this approach goes back to the dawn of civilization. Fire changes everything. 

When this most basic of elements is deployed in an outside space, wonderful things can occur. Warmth, cooking and even positive emotions - in any weather - result from being in proximity to fire. Modern-day families can choose from a vast array of red-hot products that can make a fall or winter evening outside a glorious experience!

Put Another Log on the Fire

For almost 130 years, the Acme Brick artisans have been manufacturing the most environmentally friendly and structurally sound products in the world. It’s no wonder that the company has been leading the charge of the growing trend toward outdoor cooking and entertaining. Anyone wanting to extend the “season” of outdoor entertaining would be well-served to investigate the fireplace options from Acme Brick. These include:

Each of these fireplaces have stood the test of time and literally bring a warmth to an outdoor entertainment space.

Fabulous Fire Features

Chilly or even cold weather is no match to an outdoor space with a state-of-the-art fire feature. Acme has some of the most well-designed and carefully engineered and built fire features available anywhere. These fire features can be reviewed by clicking on the product brochure links below:

Chilly Grillin’

For outdoor entertaining, no matter what the season, the place where the rubber meets the road is where the steaks meet the grill. Some of the best meals ever cooked were completed outside on a high-quality grill. As any competitive cooker or weekend chef can attest, the more “whistles and bells” the better! Acme Brick has top-of-the-line grills that are not available at big-box retailers. Firing up the grill on a chilly fall or winter afternoon makes for perfect entertainment synergy. Here are some excellent choices:

Other Tips for Warming Up an Outdoor Entertainment Space

The cool winds of fall and winter can be mitigated with a few other tricks. Here are some to consider.

Construct a windbreaker

According to the WSJ, in his San Francisco garden, landscape architect Brian Koch erected a pergola with weighted drapes that can be drawn to block the breeze. “When you eliminate wind from any outdoor space, it drives up the warmth,” he said.

Add the Art of Heat

On walls behind main seating areas some intrepid outdoor aficionados center “art” with a hidden agenda: Custom infrared-heated wall panels by “Art of Heat” look like paintings and take up zero real estate.

Change the Lightbulbs

This article notes that even swapping out exterior bulbs for aesthetically “warmer” versions can make a sitting area more snug. It recommends the amber hues of bulbs with a lower Kelvin rating, between 2700K and 3000K. 

Blankets for Everyone

Never forget that simpler is better. The best way to enjoy some chilly weather on a patio or an outdoor entertainment space is to give everyone who wants one a warm quilt or blanket. 

And the Heat Goes On

The cool, crisp air of an autumn or early winter afternoon or evening can be intoxicating, especially if it is combined with smells of meat and vegetables on the grill. With a little planning and some cooking and heating technology, everyone can add a few more memorable evenings enjoying the new normal of outside entertaining.

If you’re ready to up your grilling game, contact us and speak to one of our outdoor entertaining experts.