Isokern fireplace

The role of a fireplace in the home has evolved from being the sole source of heat for warmth and cooking, to the focal design piece that adds a special feeling of unparalleled comfort. After thousands of years in use, fireplaces are still as popular and evolving in home design and function. The experts at Acme Brick Tile & Stone explain the advances and options available for the ultimate home addition.

The Warmth of a Fireplace Anywhere You Want It 

With advances in masonry technology, fireplaces have evolved to be even more relevant to the modern homeowner. While the fireplace continues to be most popular as a focal point in rooms of the home where family and friends gather - the living room or great room - it can now be found in many other parts of the home. For example, fireplaces are immensely popular as a part of an outside entertainment areaThey can also be found in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Any part of the home can be made a little more cozy and warmer with the addition of a fireplace.

How to Save Money and Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Fireplace

According to Marshall Davidson of Acme Brick, the energy-efficiency of fireplaces can be improved with just slight, but important variations from conventional fireplaces. The recommendations to construct an energy-efficient fireplace include properly sizing and locating an exterior air supply for combustion and draft air, and tight-fitting dampers. Operation of the fireplace and other devices, such as glass screens, may also substantially affect the performance of the fireplace. 

“Workmanship remains a critical factor to the performance of fireplaces,” Davidson said. With new home construction or renovation where a fireplace is added, the designer and builder should be familiar with the fireplace construction techniques of the locality in which the fireplace is to be built. Proper permits will be required.”

Introducing the Isokern Fireplace

Prefabricated fireplaces have become extremely popular among contemporary homeowners because they allow for greater flexibility in its design and placement in the home. As a leader in fireplace technology, Acme Brick Tile & Stone offers Isokern fireplaces, by Earthcore. 

Made from the cleanest, purest volcanic pumice, Isokern fireplaces feature a unique modular component system with interlocking design that makes these fireplaces and chimneys lightweight and easy to assemble. The environmentally friendly volcanic pumice also offers the highest insulation value and exhibits reflective qualities, improving the burn efficiency of every system assembled. Isokern fireplaces and chimney systems are ideal for indoor, outdoor, multi-family and commercial use.

There Are Several Versions of the Isokern Fireplace:

  • The Standard Series - For wood-burning or gas fires, available in 36, 42 and 46 inches
  • The Magnum Series - Available in 36, 42, 48, 60 and 72 inches
  • The Magnum+ Series - Boasting widths up to 10 feet and finished opening heights of 44 inches, this fireplace is the largest UL listed wood burning fireplace on the market
  • The Maximus Series - The first ever masonry direct vent fireplace, it offers an expansive ceramic glass opening with “Invisi-Barrier” and “Triple Stadium Burner” for exceptional appearance and flame presentation. Models available in 46 and 48 inches
  • The Bvetto Series - The first and only field - assembled gas appliance fireplace, it offers the largest available opening heights in the industry of 52 inches. It has the proprietary quick-fire ignition system and comes complete with our exclusive “Isoflames Stadium Burner” and “Remote Electronic Ignition.” Models available in 36 & 46 inches
  • The Vent Free Series - With its large finished openings and see-through availability, the Vent-Free Series is a perfect heating solution for any multi-family home, new home, remodeling project or outdoor concept. Models available in 36, 42 and 46 inches

All Isokern fireplaces are finished with the homeowner’s choice of firebrick color and pattern. They are available black, grey, red, cream and (by special order) soapstone colors.

Mason-Lite Goes Anywhere

Because of their weight, traditional brick or stone fireplaces were often limited to areas of the home with firm foundations - usually first floors or outside. Mason-Lite solves this problem.

Isokern and Mason-Lite’s fireboxes are lighter than brick or stone fireplaces. Plus, both offer custom order fireplaces and the ability to customize their standard units.

“At only half the weight and half the cost of traditional masonry fireplaces, Mason-Lite Lightweight Masonry Fireplace Systems enable homeowners to achieve their dream of having a fireplace in their master bedroom, upstairs retreat or even outdoor patio, without major building infrastruc­ture reinforcement,” noted Davidson of Acme Brick Tile & Stone. 

When you’re ready to warm up to a cozy fireplace in any room of the house, Acme Brick Tile & Stone has the history, expertise, and products to make this happen. Click here for more information.