Bromic patio heaters
Bromic patio heaters
Bromic patio heaters
Bromic patio heaters

While there has always been an influx of seasonal products,  the pandemic has dramatically inspired a new trend that has affected demand like never before: Cooking and entertaining at home and outside has never been as popular as it is now. According to this article, “Outdoor heaters, which warm outdoor spaces using electricity, propane, or gas, are in such high demand because the pandemic has people avoiding indoor space. Homeowners are using them to extend the time they’re able to socialize with friends at a distance in their backyards; restaurants need them to warm diners as government restrictions limit indoor capacity.”

Fresh air with a few friends and family is certainly a great time, and nothing tastes better than grilled meat and vegetables. However, what about those times in the fall and winter when “baby it’s cold outside?” 

This chilly situation calls for homeowners to follow the actions of the professionals - restaurateurs. Those whose livelihood depends on warm and happy customers know that outside dining can continue year around when space heaters are strategically placed around tables. 

To paraphrase a waiter at a fictional little French bistro - “et voila” - the residential patio heater has become a homeowner’s favorite appliance. There is no better outdoor heater than the Bromic offered to customers by Acme Brick, Tile & Stone.

The Industry Standard

The Bromic line of outdoor heaters has quickly become recognized by hospitality and residential users as the industry standard. According to the company’s website and those of outdoor entertainment journalists, “Bromic’s engineers have successfully developed and delivered highly effective radiant heating solutions with applications in commercial and residential markets alike. Designed to meet a wide array of real-world challenges such as weather, environment, and efficiency, the Smart-Heat™ range has literally become the hottest thing in smart outdoor heating solutions.

“Available in Bromic’s distinctive Platinum Smart-Heat™ and Tungsten Smart-Heat™ ranges, every Bromic outdoor heater is designed and engineered in-house to ensure absolute quality and durable performance, then constructed from premium materials to deliver outdoor heating products that provide the perfect balance of performance, reliability, and beauty.”

These outdoor heaters have won international awards for design and function and many of the world’s most successful restaurant, hotel, entertainment, and other hospitality companies consider Bromic to be their first choice for heating. This same quality is now available to homeowners.

An Expert on Outdoor Entertaining

Jeff Cunningham, a respected expert of the grill and heating appliance industry explains why the Bromic patio heaters have gained so much traction among homeowners.

“In a word, these heaters are durable,” Cunningham said. “The reason for this is simple. They are commercial grade, made with the highest quality design and stainless steel and they offer more choices in both electric and gas-powered heaters than any other company.

“For all the quality found in these heaters, the price range is reasonable for homeowners wanting to upgrade their outdoor entertaining space. The prices of Bromic patio heaters range from $565.00 - $1740.00.

Why Patio Heaters are So HOT

There are at least two factors driving the demand for Bromic patio heaters.

“When the effects of the pandemic and the need for social distancing became important to every person and family,” Cunningham said, “Everyone started staying at home. Having a different, more creative way of preparing meals while enjoying each other’s company, such as grilling outside, became important. Sales of grills and patio heaters have skyrocketed!”

The other factor in this equation is the record low prices for fuel such as propane that powers these heaters. 

According to a November article in the Wall Street Journal, “The coronavirus pandemic has made propane a hot commodity among Americans heating outdoor spaces and hunkering down in Covid cabins. Fortunately for them, the country is flooded with the fuel, and prices have rarely been lower heading into winter. Recently, the price for propane is averaging about 55 cents a gallon, one third lower than the 10-year average for November.”

What About Installation?

For all their technological sophistication, the Bromic patio heaters are relatively easy to install, even by DIYers with little technical expertise.

“We’ve found that the average person can do this. However, most homeowners employ a contractor, especially if it involves multiple units and or remotes and controls.” Cunningham said.

The outdoor entertaining experts at Acme Brick, Tile and Stone can offer advice and references to licensed contractors for installation of any product, including the Bromic patio heaters. Don’t let the cool weather keep you inside. Give us a call and let’s warm up the biggest room in your home - the patio.