Extend your time outdoors with a little warmth provided by outdoor heaters. We offer Bromic Heating outdoor heating units in gas or electric, as well as freestanding mobile units. 

Uninformed designers might rely on firepits or fire rings as a main source of heat. While these elements might be visually appealing, firepits or other fire features do not provide sufficient heating. The use of engineered outdoor heaters are necessary to keep the outdoor entertainment space usable all year long. Capitalize on your outdoor areas by creating comfortable and efficient heating systems that encourage extended social interaction year round. The only way to heat an outdoor area is through radiant heat. Radiant heat warms objects, not the air, similar to the experience of the sun warming your skin. Because radiant heat focuses on objects and not air, radiant heaters are wind resistant and can still warm people even in mild wind conditions. This method involves projecting infrared heat radiation onto people rather than moving warm air into the outdoor patio.  Radiant heating is the foundation for all Bromic heaters. When properly specified, Bromic can heat any outdoor space more effectively than many of our competitors because of this principle.

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