Each Acme Brick is manufactured to exceed quality standards established by all building codes. Your complete satisfaction with Acme Brick is our company's primary objective. We guarantee that our residential brick will endure sub-freezing cold and withstand blistering heat for 100 years.

An Acme Brick home delivers benefits that transcend curb appeal:

  • natural insulation,
  • reduction in maintenance costs,
  • lower insurance rates,
  • higher resale value, and
  • fire protection.

When you see the Acme name stamped in the end of a brick on your new home, you know that you're getting both Acme quality and the 100-year limited guarantee.

You will be pleased that your builder used premium quality Acme Brick in the construction of your new home. Since your home is one of your most important investments, its exterior should protect your investment for a lifetime. Eventually you expect to replace an appliance or carpeting, and your home may require a new roof, but you don't expect your home's exterior to fail. Since Acme Brick are made from fine earth clays which are hard-fired in computer-controlled kilns at temperatures that can exceed 1,800 degrees, you can be confident that Acme Brick will outlast your mortgage and will remain beautiful for decades to come.

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