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New 2021 Sustainability Report available now!

  • The Environment. Severe weather and challenges from the continuance of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted all aspects of our operations. Reductions in natural gas and energy usage overall followed the production shortfall. The plants continued to sustain strong energy efficiency through regular communications and ongoing technology improvements. Capital expenditures at several large plants improved efficiencies, eliminated high risk jobs and reduced waste generation. In 2021, Acme established its first Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for recycling and was able to save more than 236 tons of waste from being landfilled. The launch of a new Electronic Management Information System (EMIS) in 2021 brought the capability to track regulatory requirements, injury and near miss reporting, audit findings with corrective actions and environmental metrics tracking.
  • Safety. Providing a safe and healthy workplace for our associates continues to be our goal as we strive to eliminate all injuries and measure more proactive (i.e., leading) indicators. In the last five years, we have reduced our injury rate by 36% and severity of injuries by 75%. In 2021 we initiated near-miss reporting in our production facilities and had more than 300 reported near misses with follow-through corrective actions. We also launched a Learning Management System (LMS) that will provide effective, trackable training across all job positions and disciplines. Acme’s Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Corporate team continues to conduct EH&S Audits across the operations with a year-on-year improvement in audit scores averaging 14%.
  • Philanthropy. We seek to strengthen our communities and to contribute to a higher quality of life in the form of money, time or products. This philosophy engages our associates and leaders across the company and enables them to see the results of their efforts. During 2021, Acme Brick Company and our associates donated more than $61,000 in monetary donations, contributed almost 200 tracked hours of service and provided more than $21,000 in product donations of our brick, concrete block, flooring and a wide array of other products to those in need. This combined effort benefited more than 50 non-profit organizations.
  • Culture. We are dedicated to cultivating the success of our Associates through encouragement and culture-based initiatives via the Acme Brick Culture Circle, formed in 2019. The Culture Circle, a diverse group of 16 associates hailing from all lines of service and regions of the company, is working to strengthen our company culture within the framework of our Cultural Beliefs and Pillars.

We care about our communities and believe that it is our privilege to give back to those we serve.

For more information on Acme Brick's sustainability story, talk to an Acme representative.