Offering synthetic turf surfaces for all sports, as well as landscapes, GrassTex provides maintenace free landscaping options. Bonus, all turfs are pet friendly!

  • All Star is made for soccer, bocce courts, football sidelines and baseball applications. With the urethane back it can be used on swimming pool decks and other marine applications. It is made with a national branded polypropylene fiber. This is also a premium indoor facility product. With a foam back the turf is heavy enough that it can be loose laid on a firm surface. If it is to be glued to a concret or asphalt base you should use a urethane compatible outdoor carpet adhesive. Available on both unitary or cushion back. 12 ft wide.

  • The complete turf for every use: Sports, putting greens (requires sand fill), baseball batting cages, marine applications on unitary back, DIY projects and much more. Installed on concrete, asphalt or a compacted aggregate base, indoor or outdoor, Bases Loaded is a great choice. A durable polypropylene fiber produced with a proprietary spring set crimp will assure years of performance. Bases Loaded is one of the most versatile turf products we have produced to date. Available on both unitary or cushion back. 15 ft wide.

  • Built as our first tier landscape product. Value priced and manufactured using blended Polyethylene grass and Polypropylene thatch to create a full bodied lawn which reduces the amount of infill ballast needed. Also used for fringe surrounding putting greens, pet areas and much more. Santa Monica is produced with drain holes making it ideal for pet areas. When cleaning is needed just hose it down. 15 ft wide.

  • Huntington is a premium turf used for golf and landscaping to mimic the most natural blend of grasses. Great for landscaping in hard to grow areas. Loose lay over a compacted aggregate base. Can be filled with two pounds of sand per square foot or secured with landscape stakes. The combination of blade and thatch yarns make it possible in most cases to just use landscape stakes. This can also be used for indoor sport facilities and outdoor pet areas. Maintenance is simple, just hose down when cleaning is required. Made with a urethane back with drain holes. 15 ft wide.

  • San Diego offers a realistic looking landscaping with little or no maintenance. Manufactured using a heavy denier bright green, smooth monofilament fiber combined with a 8 ply thatch of spring set polypropylene creating a good surface for indoor sports facilities, pet areas and landscaping. Can be laid over a compacted aggregate base or glued to concrete or asphalt using a urethane compatible outdoor carpet adhesive. Hose down for cleaing. Urethane back with drain holes. 15 ft wide.

  • Visionary is the ultimate in landscape turf. It is a brilliant grass green premium. The blended nylon thatch gives you added body, reducing the amount of sand infill needed for ballast. In most cases, flat areas will not require infill. Visionary can also be used for indoor sports facilities, walkways, pet areas, and more. For outdoor landscape installation, you will need remove the existing grass, scrape and clean the surface, remove any topsoil that could generate sees, remove any old shrubbery, apply 4 to 6 inches of crushed limestone, then lay the turf. Turf is top dressed with 2 to 3 pounds of sand per square foot, or secured with landscape stakes creating a maintenance free landscape. This is manufactured with a urethane back and drain holes. 15 ft wide.

GrassTex is available through Acme Brick Tile and Stone locations. Ask your rep for more information.

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