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Masonry Designer (for Windows)

MD Installation

Masonry Designer allows Windows users to build virtual wall sections of nearly any size and export them as bitmap images. Choose a brick size, then brick color, mortar color, and coursing. You can build walls of multiple colors, brick by brick if you choose - and even incorporate other Acme Brick Company products such as Fast Track Stone panels.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows only (XP or higher)
  • 64MB RAM or better (128MB recommended)
  • Monitor colors set to 16-bit/High color or better (24-bit/True color recommended)
  • Monitor resolution set to 1024x768 or higher
  • Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome for Windows installed on system



Design using Acme products within Revit with the free Acme Revit Plug-in. Masonry Designer installation is required before plug-in installation.


Revit 2019 MD Plug-in Installation

Revit 2018 MD Plug-in Installation

Revit 2017 MD Plug-in Installation

Earlier versions of the Acme Revit Plug-in: 2016  2015  2014   2013   2012   2011  


AcmeBIM Online
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AcmeBIM Online, web version

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