ThinBRIK from Acme Brick Company is just that: real brick. This product line offers savings, fast installation, and an extensive color selection, and those features make it a perfect product for specific installations. Residential Applications If a homeowner desires an interior brick wall to bring added warmth to an area such as a kitchen or family room, thinBRIK offer a number of benefits. In an existing structure, Acme thinBRIK go up quickly with little disruption to the homeowner's activities. Also, thinBRIK's light weight means that no additional wall support is required. ThinBRIK is available with a system of lightweight metal panels where bricks are adhered with adhesive and then secured with traditional mortar. Typically an interior residential application such as a contrasting wall can be installed one or two days. Commercial Applications thinBRIK greatly enhance a building's exterior façade at a competitive price. Acme offers heavy-duty installation panels that are tested to 400 feet high at wind loads of 150 mph. ThinBRIK are available in a wide color palette and available nationwide.