The Acme Brick Company logo is stamped onto select residential brick for very specific reasons. When you see the Acme name, you can be sure that the brick are:

  • Hard-fired for lasting strength. The presence of the Acme name indicates that the brick are made from premium clay and hard-fired in computer-controlled kilns at temperatures that often exceed 1,800 degrees. The result is a brick that will outlast your mortgage and will stay beautiful without having to be painted, sealed, or maintained in other ways.
  • Tested for durability and safety. The Acme name is your assurance that the brick on the home exceed the specifications included in all local building codes.
  • American-made by an American-owned company. Acme owns 26 brick plants in the central and southeastern United States.
  • Backed with one of the strongest commitments in the industry: Acme's pacesetting 100 Year Limited Guarantee for Homebuyers.

As you shop for a new home, remember that you have a choice in brick. So choose wisely. Don't settle for imported adobe, concrete, or so-called antique brick. Look for the Acme name and insist upon Acme Brick.