Brick is only the beginning.
Brick is only the beginning.
Brick is only the beginning.
Brick is only the beginning.

Acme Brick Company was founded to manufacture and sell brick. And for most of our 131-year history, that was essentially our entire business.

In recent years, however, we have moved beyond brick to become a complete source of materials to enhance homes of every size, range, and location.

Thin Brick

These versatile products - all hard-fired from natural clay - offer cost savings and fast installation. They go up quickly and neatly - even for interior features such as accent walls. And their light weight means that no additional wall support is required. Acme's extensive color selection includes quality thin brick in these lines:

Install them like tile, or with specialized support systems.

Cladding Systems

Your local Acme Brick showroom is now a showroom for the world's most exciting - and most proven - exterior cladding options. These include:
terra cotta panels in a bold color palette;

Fireplace Systems

When Acme was founded, scratch-built was the only way to build fireplaces and chimneys. Now builders and homeowners have options: lightweight, pre-engineered, modular systems that offer greater thermal efficiency and a far wider range of applications than their traditional counterparts. Acme carries fireplace systems from three leading manufacturers:

We didn't start the fire- we just perfected it.

Glass Accents

Design with light, using real glass as your palette. 

  • Span open areas or take light to a whole new level with a engineered glass floor system using 8-inch-square glass pavers.
  • Add privacy and security while making the most of natural light, with a glass block window from Clear Choice, featuring Seves glass block.
  • For maximum protection from storm-driven debris, blasts and fire, consider impact-resistant glass block windows from Lightwise Architectural Systems.
  • And for a truly stunning effect, Acme offers solid glass brick from Vistabrick and Vetropieno - available in the traditional dimensions of conventional clay brick.

Iron Doors

Make a strong first impression with an elegant, sturdy iron door from Exclusive Iron Doors or Love That Door. Choose from single or double designs, and complement your choice with stylish hardware.

Landscape Products

Quality products available from Acme make it easy to build capitivating outdoor living areas from the ground up:

Outdoor Living

Secure Options for Mail and Packages

Thwart porch pirates in style.

  • If you receive larger packages, consider the Box Gobbler line from MB Sentinel. Box Gobblers use a numeric keypad to restrict access; simply add the PIN to shipping instructions, and your parcels are home free.


Acme has partnered with the region's fines producers of natural stone, cast stone accents, and manufactured stone - as well as cladding options from M Stone and the exclusive Stonebrook line of veneer thin stone.