English Cottage thinBRIK
English Cottage thinBRIK
English Cottage thinBRIK

After years of televised success via its wildly popular PBS series and now getting even more attention as a blockbuster movie, Downton Abbey has touched the imagination of Americans of all ages. As much as the characters of these series are loved, the style of the architecture and home designs has also struck a chord in the home design symphony. 

In combination with the trend towards farmhouse and antique designs, it’s no wonder that the English Cottage thinBRIK, from Acme Brick Tile & Stone has become so popular among homeowners. It has that Downton Abbey look. Nonetheless, beyond its old world charm, there are other, more practical reasons to choose this thin brick.

The (Practical) Advantages of Thin Brick

In a short amount of time, thin brick has become extremely popular for both residential and commercial buildings. There are several practical reasons for this:

  • Residential and commercial construction schedules have become more demanding. This is encouraging builders to become more efficient throughout the building process and this is where thin brick comes into play. Due to its reduced thickness, the material can be installed quicker than traditional brick.
  • It is easily installable both indoors and outdoors.  Since thinBRIK is applied directly to the wall system, there are no additional foundation or wall-support requirements. This makes it very easy to incorporate  in rooms such as a living room or kitchen.
  • This material is eco-friendly.  Thin brick allows for easier insulation installation, making it extremely energy efficient for the building.
  • Brick lovers never have to compromise their designs. thinBRIK allows for a brick finish for all types of buildings, including those that might not have considered brick before. For example, interior walls in both residential and commercial spaces can now enjoy all the glory brick has to offer.
  • The Look is Classic. Jonathan Douglas of Acme Brick Tile & Stone does not visit Notting Hill or receive invitations to the parties over at Downton Abbey, but he is an expert on the look that gives these mythical areas their stunning appearance. “Some homeowners might think this style of thin brick is for Tudor or other traditional homes,” he said. “It does have an ‘Old World’ look however it can be used on any style home. It all depends on what look that the designer or homeowner is going for.

“This English Cottage thinBRIK is becoming more popular among builders, interior designers and homeowners because of the wide range of colors and selections available. The colors range from reds, browns, and grays and it is available in most all of the traditional brick looks. Among designers and homeowners, the most popular color of thinBRIK seems to be the gray. It’s what is IN right now.

“In general, we can achieve a brick look without the constraints of locations of applications of traditional full size brick. Because it is only ⅝ of an inch thick, it can be applied easily on interior or exterior applications, offering the look and feel of full size brick, without the constraints of weight on a non-load bearing surface. We also now offer all of our manufactured brick in ‘thin brick’ as well because of the growing demand for thin brick.”

The Durability and Low Maintenance of Traditional Brick

While this thin brick has a charming appearance, many builders and homeowners love brick construction because of two practical reasons: durability and low maintenance. How does the English Cottage thinBRIK stack up with these two criteria?

“Our thinBRIK has the same durability as that of traditional brick,” Douglas said. “Because it is a true clay product, the color and quality will last. It is a very sustainable product. Plus, as long as it is installed properly, because it is a natural clay product, this thin brick will require no maintenance.”

Whether it is its look and feel or the durability and low maintenance, even the Crawley family (along with their upstairs and downstairs staff) would have to love the English Cottage thinBRIK!

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