packages on front door step
packages at front door

With millions of workers operating full-time or on a hybrid basis from home, and online shopping being immensely popular, the number of home deliveries is higher now than at any time in history. This avalanche of shipping boxes and document envelopes is often sitting, in plain sight on the front porch, for any passerby to notice. It’s easy pickings for modern-day robbers.

This situation recalls the strategy of a flamboyant bank robber from the 1940s and 50s, Willie Sutton. When asked why he robbed banks, the dapper crook casually replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” The loot is now on the front porch, and modern-day criminals are acting accordingly. 

It has become imperative that home workers and residents waiting for deliveries find a better way to protect these items. For many, that solution is the Box Gobbler™, available from Acme Brick.

Are you worried about your home deliveries? You should be. Prevention is always the best solution. The Box Gobbler system from Acme Brick puts your package inside, away from the criminals waiting to steal them. Click here for more information on this amazing deterrent.  

Porch Piracy: A Big Problem

The most recent figures on “porch piracy” come from a December 2022 survey by the security SafeWise, “Around 260 million packages disappeared from porches across America over the past 12 months.” That’s 50 million than last year’s estimate. 

Some additional points:

  • According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, “Online sales are nearly 15% of retail sales, a share that’s higher than pre-pandemic, which means more opportunities for “porch pirates” to strike.
  • SafeWise estimates that the annual amount lost to package theft is estimated at $19.5 billion.

In addition to the huge increase in available goods, the problem is exacerbated by the nature of the crime. “It’s a fairly easy crime to commit,” said Ben Stickle, a criminal justice professor at Middle Tennessee State University who studies package theft. “The other aspect of this crime that makes it unique, and likely to continue increasing, is that there’s very low risk and very low skill involved,” Stickle said. “It takes no skill to walk up and steal a package.”

How to Guard Against Package Theft

One of the most popular ways of dealing with this crime is through the use of security cameras that are focused on the front porch area. While these cameras can help, they are not a particularly good deterrent for the modern-day Willie Suttons. Home builders and owners have realized that the best way to stop home delivery theft is to remove the opportunity by securing the items inside.

This is where a home improvement product such as Box Gobbler from Acme Brick can help. 

Since one video is certainly better than a thousand words, here’s how Box Gobbler works. Just click here and see for yourself:

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Security With Style

The Box Gobbler stops home delivery theft and does it with style! Homeowners love the features and benefits of this security system. These include:

  • High Tech Keypad Access - The quality Storm Interface Controller combined with the stainless steel Southco Electronic Rotary Latch, ensures exemplary security.
  • Conveyor Rollers - These are constructed with “food grade” PVC with stainless steel axles and bearings that can hold up to daily package deliveries.
  • R8 Door Panel Insulation - The two-inch, K-Flex insulation with durable cover plate maintains heating and cooling efficiencies.

The door and frame are shipped fully assembled with a heavy zip tie to keep the door closed during framing. The pre-assembled roller bottom with the electronic lock and tech plate ships in a second box to be installed during the trim-out phase. For a simple and organized installation, all assembly hardware is included. The unit is easily installed in about 30 minutes or less.

Box gobbler mounted in outdoor brick wall

Click here for more information on the Acme Brick Box Gobbler. 

Home Package Delivery Theft Is Everywhere

Regardless of the size of the community or the perceived safety of the neighborhood, criminals are cruising the block, looking for an easy score of packages resting on the front porch. Security cameras may offer limited deterrence, but the only real solution to this problem is removing the items from plain sight and securing them inside.
The Box Gobbler, available from Acme Brick, uses technology and craftsmanship to deliver what today’s homeowners want and deserve: security. 

Acme is more than brick. Home improvement products that are meticulously chosen for their long-lasting quality and superior performance are waiting to make your home better. Just click here for hundreds of great ideas.