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In the “history” of the home, the evolution of the backyard is a fascinating chapter. From humble beginnings, this outdoor “room” has become one of the most popular spaces in the home.

According to this comprehensive article on the changes in the backyard over time, “at the height of consumer culture in the 1950s and 1960s, what had once been a place to grow food and engage in labor to keep the household afloat primarily became a place of relaxation and leisure instead.

“Household economies had shifted from being self-contained to being a part of a wider consumer culture. This meant that the role of leisure in the life of the average homeowner increased significantly. There was more time for it, as well as more space.”

These fundamental shifts, with swimming pools being added, patios built, and outdoor entertainment centers popularized, led to innovative products being introduced to allow homeowners to enjoy the “great outdoors” with gusto!

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A Gateway to Nature

Architects and designers have discovered the real magic of life in the backyard, and it is as old as the planet. It’s nature. This phenomenon even has an official architectural term - biophilic design.
According to this architectural publication, “The main principle behind biophilia is rather simple: connecting humans with nature to improve well-being. How can architects accomplish this connection? By integrating nature in their designs.” This trend is found in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The article adds that “the strategy is to bring characteristics of the natural world into built spaces.” These elements include things such as water, greenery, and a natural light as well as elements such as brick, stone, and wood where the grain is visible. “The use of botanical shapes and forms instead of straight lines is also a characteristic of biophilic designs, as well as establishing a visual relationship, for example, between light and shadow.”

Another important factor in the success of visually connecting the indoors with the natural beauty of the outdoors (thereby unifying and enhancing both spaces) is the seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. If this transition can also have practical advantages, such as improving safety and decreasing maintenance, the benefits to a homeowner are increased exponentially.

These visual and practical benefits have driven the acceptance of innovative outdoor products such as porcelain pavers. As a leader in residential building products, Acme Brick is pleased to announce the availability of two excellent products in this fast-growing category.

Del Conca USA - due2

One of the most innovative of the new porcelain paver products is due2, manufactured by Del Conca USA. It includes all the trims and accessories required to meet design needs in outdoor settings, from pedestrian walkways to rooftops or swimming pools. It is manufactured to the highest quality standards and has outstanding technical performances, including high resistance to wear, mechanical stress, and weather. It is also anti-slip. Stylish aesthetics and a wide range of sizes make it a perfect fit for contemporary hardscapes and architecture. Click here to peruse the styles, textures, and colors of the due2 line of porcelain pavers.

outdoor space with del conca pavers

Lastra 20mm

The Lastra 20 mm porcelain tile is manufactured by Atlas Concorde, which in 2016 became a ceramic and porcelain tile brand created to blend the true American heritage and tradition with Italian cutting-edge design and excellence. The company’s goal is to enhance living spaces with innovative, locally inspired surfaces and translate them into American works of art!

Atlas Concorde has been synonymous with strength, ethics, and reliability. This helped the manufacturer to earn the confidence and trust of over 2,700 customers in more than 100 countries. Acme Brick is proud to offer the Lastra 20mm porcelain tile to architects, builders, and homeowners. Click here for styles, textures, and colors, all of which will bring the natural beauty of tile to any outdoor space.   

porcelain tile and outdoor pavers

Cutting Edge Home Construction Products

With a storied history of more than 130 years in manufacturing nature’s most popular and sustainable construction material, Acme Brick is quickly becoming the leader in a wide range of other home improvement products. This is especially true with those products that enhance a family’s outdoor experience. 

Whether it is traditional clay pavers grills and outdoor kitchen products, fire features, pool coping, synthetic turf, metal siding, iron doors, or these revolutionary new porcelain pavers, Acme Brick is constantly growing to meet the demands of architects, designers, homebuilders, and the homeowners it serves.

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