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Acme Brick's commitment to its architectural customers takes many forms: education, technical assistance, and the special shapes required to execute dramatic effects in brick.

Drawings of popular standard shapes appear below. If your project requires a shape not on this page, please contact your Acme representative.

You can also download Acme's current special shapes brochure as a PDF at the link at the bottom of this page.

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Short Corner Angle
Long Corner Angle
Internal Corner Angle


Arch Header
Arch Stretcher


Single Bullnose
Double Bullnose
Bullnose Stretcher
90° Bullnose Corner
Bullnose on End


Coping Cap
Double Chamfer Coping Cap


Cove Header
Cove Header, 90° Corner
Cove Stretcher


Outside Radial Stretcher
Outside Radial Starter
Inside Radial Stretcher
Inside Radial Starter


90° Soldier Corner
External Soldier Corner
Sloped Soldier
Sloped Soldier Corner
Watertable Rowlock


Watertable Header
Watertable Corner
Watertable Stretcher
Watertable Corner
Watertable Rowlock Corner
Watertable Sloped Rowlock
Watertable Sloped Rowlock Corner
Watertable Convex Rowlock
Watertable Convex Rowlock Corner
Watertable Concave Rowlock
Watertable Concave Rowlock Corner


Pool Coping
Shelf Angle
Sloped Sill