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After more than 130 years of manufacturing one of the world’s most durable and iconic building products, Acme Brick knows a thing or two about what homeowners want around their houses. Of course, this includes brick, but over the past few years, Acme has also begun to offer customers some of the most innovative home improvement products in the world. 

These products are manufactured by companies that share the same values: attention to detail, eco-friendliness and, most of all, craftsmanship as Acme Brick has represented for more than a century. It’s a diverse list, but these products share an important commonality. They are all the best in class and not sold in big box retailers.

If you’re an architect, home builder, interior designer or someone who has DIY skills, take a minute and consider these 10 innovative products. Then click here to talk with an Acme expert.

The 10 Innovative Products You Probably Can’t Live Without!

MAC Metal Siding

There are many places in the world where the weather can be brutal. Whether it’s the heat of Texas, the humidity in the Southeast, the dry mountain air or the wind and rainfall of spring thunderstorms, the exterior walls of residential and commercial buildings take a beating. Fortunately, many savvy architects and builders have discovered MAC Metals’ Architectural siding, and it has become the “go to” replacement for damaged wood and synthetic siding.

As we pointed out in a previous article, MAC Metal offers the remarkable option of a wood appearance without the continual wood maintenance. It comes in six different grain patterns and three different wood tones in each box to ensure a variegated, natural look. Installers randomize the pattern, working with 12-foot-long panels that have a 6 1/16” lap exposure. Fasteners are concealed, and the “Harrywood” profile can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Its 25-year fade warranty and 40-year product warranty rest on a polyvinylidene fluoride paint system that includes a zinc primer, two paint primer coats, and three topcoats on the exposed face.

The visual effect of MAC Metal is stunning. For contemporary, modern or even a traditional facade, this material is a showstopper. Click here to learn more.

Pura NFC by Trespa Exterior Siding

Just ask any homebuyer or home seller, the current housing market is hyper-competitive and “curb appeal” is near the top of everyone’s wish list. It’s this scenario where Pura® NFC by Trespa, a high-pressure laminate exterior siding, can be a game-changer. 

In 2015, Trespa added two Lumen decors to its Pura NFC range of specialty decors for homes and low-rise commercial properties. The façade solution combines a high-pressure laminate with a specially developed installation system to create attractive siding with state-of-the-art durability. And it now comes in one of Trespa’s most popular designs. Architects can create stylish modern facades that will stay pristine with little maintenance and no touch-ups or repainting. All Pura® NFC products are lab-tested to ensure they stand up to the elements.

To see the future of siding, just click here.

Box Gobbler Delivery Systems

 Started by COVID health concerns, working from home has become one of the most important perks of large and small companies. In fact, many young workers have said “hasta la vista” to companies who want them back in that cubicle! Since thousands of business parcels and documents must now be delivered to a home office, thieves (aka “porch pirates'') have taken notice. Fortunately, an ingenious solution has been developed by MB Sentinel and joined the list of innovative products offered by Acme. It’s the Box Gobbler. 
Made from stainless steel and with keypad access and conveyor rollers, this parcel safe is truly that! Plus, door panel insulation ensures heating and cooling efficiencies wherever it is installed. Used best in a wall, the Box Gobbler can also be installed in standalone applications. The door and frame ship fully assembled with framing. The pre-assembled roller bottom, electronic lock, and tech plate ship out during the trim-out phase. All hardware for assembly is included for an easy install in under 30 minutes. A standard power 110-volt AC circuit is required.

Don’t let its colorful name fool you. The Box Gobbler means business. Click here to learn how your parcels and documents delivered to a home office can be safe and secure. 

Photo of the Box Gobbler

 Vermont Slate

Like brick, slate has a rich history that started about 550 million years ago! Slate is derived from fine-grained sediments such as mud or occasionally volcanic ash in layers known as “bedding.” As the pile of sediments thickened, the original open structure of the mud was compacted into a metamorphic rock. Mother Nature is a great artist, and she outdid herself with Vermont Slate.

Acme offers this 100% real slate from Vermont Slate Company as a premier cladding material that is beautiful, durable, easy to maintain, and sustainable. Slate is ideal for any building type at an affordable cost. It is presented in a uniform 18”x10” dimension, selected from the least weathering colors available in the entire world. 

Slate compliments a wide range of building materials, such as brick, wood, stone, metal and stucco. Architects have found that whether the design intent is historic flair, cutting-edge cool, or both at the same time, you can express it with slate! Want more info on Vermont Slate? Click here.

King Klinker Thin Brick

The story of King Klinker thin brick is one of perseverance. Against great odds in post-World War II Poland, then controlled by the Soviet Union, the company eventually became a private enterprise, and in 2013 it built the most sophisticated thin brick plant in the world. With state-of-the-art German machinery and Polish engineered, “trade secret” machinery, King Klinker is one of the fastest growing companies on the planet.

Using high quality clay and ultra-modern machinery and methods, King Klinker thin brick far exceeds the most stringent tests such as the PCI tolerance and pull-out tests in the U.S. It is also creating innovative new sizes such as modular, Norman and American Imperial. In addition to its beauty and durability, this brick enjoys the benefit of an ease of installation found in other thin brick products. There’s more information on King Klinker thin brick here.

Seves Glass Block

For decades, interior designers have used glass block to allow light into a home while maintaining privacy. Now, architects and builders have begun to recognize the safety benefit of these opaque walls and windows, especially in locations that are prone to hurricanes and high winds.

Acme offers Seves Glass Block, the world’s leading manufacturer of this product. Glass block can be used in architectural and interior design and it has many other benefits. The Seves Glass Block:

  • Enables visibility and light transmission
  • Resists graffiti and vandalism 
  • Is sustainable because its inert makeup is 100% recyclable, highly durable, and solar reflective
  • Is impact resistant, especially against flying debris
  • Offers beauty and versatility for commercial and residential settings
  • Reduces noise transmission 

Go to the light. Click here for more information on Seves Glass Block.

Glass Brick

The primary difference between glass block and glass brick lies in their composition. Glass block are hollow on the inside, and glass brick are solid pieces of glass. This makes them significantly heavier than glass block and provides higher impact resistance and compressive strength. These glass brick are also in great demand in areas where damaging winds are common.

The design possibilities for solid glass brick are virtually endless - walls, shower stalls, windows and a wide array of other options. Acme offers two exemplary glass brick products:

  • Vistabrick 
    Bullet resistant and time-tested, these solid glass blocks are the best in safety and aesthetic with structural integrity.
  • Vetropieno
    A reliable and elegant choice for residential and commercial applications, glass brick can create dramatic interior walls or partitions that maximize the passage of light from room to room. These brick can be used as subtle design accents that add a touch of style, character and color.

Fusion thinBRIK

Many homeowners, and the designers who work with them, have a new favorite thin brick. Fusion™ is a glazed thin brick and it is offered in various colors by applying a ceramic glazed facing to a previously fired clay thin brick body.  This is a real brick, meeting ASTM C126 specifications, that is fired with the same strict standards of all Acme thinBRIK. The Fusion body is manufactured and glazed here in the USA.

The Fusion thinBRIK is available in a modular size (2 ¼” x 7 ⅝” x ⅝”) for ease of interior or exterior design, in both matte and glossy finishes. Corners are also available.
Fusion thinBRIK is a great product selection for backsplashes, feature walls, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds. The variety of colors and finishes provide a contemporary look in a modular size product. Maintenance is also easy. This product can be easily washed, and it will be just as stunning as the day it was installed. Plus, as with all thin brick, it is not as heavy as standard brick, making installation easier, quicker and less expensive.
For more details on this dazzling thin brick, just click here

Royal Thin Brick

With its immense popularity, thin brick comes in many styles and colors. Royal Thin Brick® has been on the shortlist of designers for many generations. Over 150 years of experience and craftsmanship have gone into making this versatile line of tumbled wire-cut thin brick. 

Royal Thin Brick can be installed on nearly any sound structural interior or exterior surface. It’s perfect for exterior walls, backsplashes, floors, fireplaces, feature walls, walkways, or anywhere a homeowner might want the look of full brick without the added cost and effort. Its color palette consists of single tones and blends that capture the character of walls built in a bygone era – from rich reds and earthy browns to soft grays and charcoal. 

All colors are kiln fired and rugged enough to stand up to the harshest environments. After firing, the brick are tumbled to capture the essence of worn, reclaimed brick. During the tumbling process, crisp edges are softened, and sharp corners are rounded or knocked off. The appearance of distressed brick is made complete with a traditional wire cut face that gives it added texture and variation.

Click here to learn more. 

Speedymason Installation Systems

New advances in installation systems are adding to the popularity of thin brick. One of the most interesting systems is Speedymason. There is nothing quite like this innovative approach to thin brick installation.

Speedymason has developed new panel systems for thin brick and stone application. While some thin brick systems might be difficult to use, the Speedymason panel is easy to handle and easy to install. This reduces time, saves money and improves safety. Acme offers three panel systems which includes Speedymason Brick Lath, Speedymason Stone Lath and Speedymason Peel n' Stick. 

If your thin brick project has the need for speed, hurry over here and get more details about Speedymason installation systems.

A Natural Progression

The evolution of Acme Brick to include a wide array of innovative products has been a natural progression. Helping architects, builders and homeowners improve their dwellings has been a part of our DNA for more than 130 years, and new products will continue to be proudly added to our inventory. However, some things never change. Before they are offered to customers, all Acme home improvement products are meticulously tested for quality, durability, sustainability and low maintenance. Like our brick, we want you to enjoy having our products around your home.

Whether it’s home improvements or new construction, if you have questions, we probably have the answers. Give us a shout.