Outdoor living

The old days, when the back patio of a home had a couple of lawn chairs and a bench where nobody ever sat, are long gone! The outdoor entertainment space has become the most popular “room” in the house for most homeowners and this is largely due to the enormous advances that have been made in outdoor appliances and media devices. From backyard fireplaces to outdoor dining and living room areas, the options when designing your outside spaces are nearly endless.

This shift is also being driven by building trends and the preferences of homeowners to stay in”  instead of going out for entertainment. 

“These outdoor ‘spaces’ have enjoyed great popularity recently simply for economic reasons,” said Reggie Barnes of Acme Brick. “There are significant savings to be had from purchasing a smaller lot and building a home with less square footage. But what has evolved is homeowners adjusting by gaining a living and entertaining area with an outdoor ‘room’ instead.

“In many cases, a homeowner now has a 10 by 10 foot patio, which in effect, adds 100 square feet to the size of the home. Depending on the climate of the location of the home, a family can go outside and enjoy cooking or watching television many months out of the year.

“There is also a powerful consumer trend of durable appliances, such as refrigerators, sinks, pizza ovens and other cooking appliances transitioning for outside use. The combination of greater outdoor entertainment space and better quality appliances has had a very positive impact on homeowners.”

Brick Is Only the Beginning 

Acme Brick has been selling brick to builders and homeowners since 1891. This success has led to the company’s expansion into other products for the home. Some of these products are designed for outdoor entertainment, but all have the same reliability Acme is known for.

“One of the most popular appliances we offer clients is the Renaissance Cooking System grill,” Barnes said. “Any homeowner can visit one of the big box retailers and get an outdoor grill. However, none of these grills are like the ones we sell. Ours is 100 percent stainless steel, with cast iron burners and it has a lifetime parts warranty. This type of guarantee is not available from those lesser-made grills. Plus, this top-of-the-line grill has LED lights, so it looks spectacular.

“We also represent Saffire grills, which are comparable to the ‘Green Egg.’ This grill allows the homeowner to do Kamado cooking - featuring indirect heat - which has become extremely popular. This ‘smoker’ grill has amazing technology that allows for consistent heat and also has a thermometer that will send a text to your phone when the meat is done!”

Acme Brick Tile & Stone also has outdoor refrigerators, sinks, and cabinets available to customers and these have become very popular for homeowners who love to entertain outside. These appliances are fun and virtually fool-proof making even an average cook the star of the show!   

Incorporating Outdoor Entertainment Products into Your Design

Kitchen appliances are not the only new product from Acme Brick Tile & Stone for outdoor fun.

“We have had great customer response from our MAC Metal Architectural roofing and siding,” Barnes said. “The company that manufactures this is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of premium, pre-painted steel siding, and roofing. They feature popular design and highly resistant maintenance-free products. This siding has the appearance of wood, but it never needs repainting. It adds a great decorative element to the outside space. Plus, it has a 40-year warranty.

“Our retail stores are also selling artificial turf. With the smaller lots on contemporary houses, a homeowner is very limited on the greenspace. If homes are built close together, it becomes a challenge to maintain this small section of grass between homes. As a result of this, many of our customers have decided they prefer artificial turf instead of natural grass. It is virtually maintenance-free, which is great news for pet owners, and the space can be used year-around.

“We also have an extensive line of natural pavers, porcelain tiles, and stone that are often found in the outdoor entertainment area. These hardscape materials are often used around pool decks and to extend the back porch of the home.

“Finally, our wrought iron doors have become immensely popular for outdoor entertainment spaces. These doors are the perfect accent piece to make the home feel warmer.

What Homeowners Should Look For in Outdoor Entertainment Products

There are three important questions a customer should ask before deciding on outside entertainment products:

  • How will the space be used – including the size of the family and the frequency of entertaining guests?
  • What is the reputation of the company selling these products?
  • What type of warranty is being offered for them?

“As for this usability criterion, my best advice is to avoid overbuying.” Barnes explained. “As with any appliance, not everyone needs the largest or most expensive units. We spend time to talk with the customer and come up with a plan for how this outdoor space is going to be used for that particular family. We look closely at the size of the space and the number of people who will be using it and help the customer decide on the types of appliances and designs they might need.

“With grills alone, customers can choose from a 27-inch grill to one that is 60-inches. Does a couple with no children at home need a 60-inch grill for their everyday outdoor entertaining? Probably not. 

“The primary lesson is to avoid overbuying on something like a grill and think about getting other appliances such as pizza ovens, or refrigerators that might be used more often.”

Finding a Qualified Installer Is Crucial

There are now Acme Brick Tile & Stone stores, along with a nationwide network of authorized dealers. To find a dealer, just click here. Product specialists such as Reggie Barnes can answer any questions about all Acme products and purchase processes. 

Acme Brick Tile & Stone has also started a unique service to help homeowners find pre-screened, quality contractors for installation, and some locations offer installation.

“We have compiled an extensive group of installers who understand our products,” he said. “We are happy to share this list with any customer. This allows the homeowner to pick from three or four reputable contractors. Since some of these products require more installation expertise than most consumers have, a well-trained installer can make a big difference in the experience.”

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