Floors and walls
Floors and walls
Floors and walls

Homeowners who have decided that 2021 is a great year for a new look in their residence have an abundance of opportunities, especially as they relate to new designs for both floors and walls. While these two categories may not receive the kind of attention that is given to the most popular paint colors, furnishings, kitchens, and other frequently changed elements of a home, product innovations for these two areas are pushing them to the forefront for both interior designers, homebuilders, and owners. 

For 130 years, working with architects, designers, and builders, Acme Brick, Tile & Stone has supplied the construction materials and home improvement products for thousands of new homes each year. This has allowed the company to track home trends in design and make these preferences available to clients. One of the experts on the “what’s hot” for floors and walls in 2021 is Linda Anderson of Acme Brick, Tile & Stone in Little Rock.

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Homeowners Are Remodeling and Ready for a New Look

Design trends evolve, from one year to the next, and in order to predict “where we are going,” it is important to know “where we have been.” Will the popular styles for floors and walls in 2020 continue in the coming year? Linda Anderson has some thoughts. 

“Almost everyone I know was happy for 2020 to be over,” she said. “Last year was a challenging year, and with homeowners spending more time at home they noticed their out-of-date floors and walls. Because they are working, cooking, and entertaining at home, we have seen the selection process become more challenging as many homeowners are remodeling. 

“This stay-at-home trend means the new selection of wall and floor covering must ‘fit’ with the current style of the home.  It’s hard to take a traditional home with stained wood work and doors and transform it into a contemporary home with grey, white, black painted surfaces. This makes it challenging to predict what is going to remain popular in 2021.

“In general, tile color preferences line up with the age of the homeowner. Those who are younger than 35, favor white, black, and grey. Those homeowners who are 35 to 55 favor what I call “Greige,” which is a warmer grey, a blend of grey and brown. For the 55 and older homeowner, they want whatever they want!”

Print and Textured Tiles Are Trending

Never underestimate the effect of flooring to completely change the look and feel of a room. It is literally and figuratively the foundation of any design, and the options for flooring in 2021 are stunning. Gazing into her crystal ball, Anderson notes several flooring and wall tile trends to watch.

“Tiles with prints and built-in texture are attracting a great deal of attention,” she notes. “The tiles that mimic the Terrazzo look are also very hot for homeowners this year.  Continuing in popularity for this coming year are large format panel tiles that range in size from 24 inches x 48 inches to as large as 60 inches x 120 inches. Yes, that is 5 feet x 10 feet!”

What Will Be Hot in Wall Covering?

“Subway tile in larger sizes, more colors, and with undulating edges, will likely be in great demand,” Anderson said.  “The (older) 4 inches x 8 inches and the 3 inches x 6 inches sizes have fallen a bit out of vogue.”  

HOT Flooring Innovations for 2021

The choices for flooring and wall coverings have never been this extensive. This is due to the constant product innovations in these two categories.

Luxury Vinyl Plank is rapidly taking the place of hardwood for contemporary flooring,” according to Anderson. “One of the latest innovations is a water-proof wood that is manufactured in a manner that is similar to Luxury Vinyl Plank but the actual surface is wood instead of vinyl.  

“Porcelain tile that resembles marble has become more popular than natural marble stone.  With high-resolution cameras and high DPI inkjet printers, a man-made product may look as real as a natural stone. Plus, this synthetic porcelain requires far less maintenance and upkeep.”

If you are renovating and updating your home flooring or tile, contact Acme Brick, Tile & Stone today. Our team is here to help you find the perfect design choices for your home!