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One of the more interesting consumer trends of 2023 involved the rise in popularity of expensive, well-made goods—from fashion to jewelry—that didn’t have the “flash” usually associated with the “cash.” There was even a term coined to describe this rich but subtle look—Stealth Wealth. This style continues to be popular in 2024, and it is especially prevalent among younger consumers. 
Since home design and interior decor often track fashion trends, it’s not surprising that upscale home products, including classic clay brick for timeless, elegant construction, are also benefiting from the trend of stealth wealth.
What This Means for You — For more than 130 years, Acme Brick and its collection of upscale home improvement products have been the choice of consumers who appreciate the value these products offer. Classic clay brick and the other products offered by Acme are not inexpensive, but they offer a long-term benefit that comes from well-made products. Click here to see what stealth wealth looks like!

The Golden Globes Ceremony Sets the Tone for 2024

According to "Yahoo Life", The Golden Globes famously sets the aesthetic tone for the rest of the awards season: which nominees will pull a dazzling dress out for the occasion; which stars will go big on bling; and which beauty themes were unquestionably going to be seeing a lot of in the ensuing twelve months.
"The overarching beauty vibe of this year's (held in early January) Golden Globes attendees? Rich. As in the sort of grooming a rich person sports. You surely know all about this after 2023's stealth wealth trend, but in case you missed it, picture a moneyed heiress, all buttery camel tones, all glossy hair, and robustly healthy skin."
The concept of stealth wealth has been around since F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote "The Great Gatsby" in 1925. Later, the best-seller, "The Millionaire Next Door" suggested, "The majority of America's wealthy don't live the Hollywood high life, wear designer shades, and have garages full of fancy cars. On the contrary, the typical American millionaire enjoys quite a modest life, in a middle-class suburb." However, this trend went into overdrive from media attention during the spring of 2023, in a courtroom in Utah. 
As Associated Press reported, "Gwyneth Paltrow's live-streamed trial over her collision with Terry Sanderson, a 76-year-old retired optometrist, emerged as the biggest celebrity court case since actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard faced off last year- spawning memes, sparking debate about the burden of fame, and making ski etiquette rules of who was uphill and who had the right of way relevant beyond those who can afford resort chairlift tickets." 

Gwyneth Paltrow in courtroom by Associated Press
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Paltrow also garnered headlines around the world with her courtroom style. This was a graduate course on how stealth wealth can impact the court of public opinion and influence luxury product buyers everywhere. At the conclusion of the trial, a tweet from The New York Times noted, “At the celebrity ski trial of the century, Gwyneth Paltrow has debuted ‘a new style subgenre that ought henceforth to be known as court core.’”

Acme Products: Quiet Luxury in Home Construction and Design

Homes constructed of Acme Brick have always cost somewhat more to build than those made of other, often synthetic sidings. The benefits come later, in the decades following the home’s construction. Brick homes require little or no maintenance for the entire life of the home. Other construction materials require painting every few years, are prone to rot and mildew, and have less insulation capacity. Brick homes are also safer, hold or increase their value over the years, and for centuries, homebuyers who seek value have chosen the quiet luxury of real, clay brick. 
In addition, Acme offers homeowners—some of whom fall into the stealth wealth category—complementary products that enhance the value and beauty of a home.

A sustainable and competitive solution that uses high-durability black slate and new fastening systems that take full advantage of the efficiency of ventilated façades. Many experts consider this natural slate to be the best cladding product in the world.

Home featuring CUPACLAD design


Fusion thinBRIK is a glazed, thin brick, and it is offered in various colors by applying a ceramic glazed facing to a previously fired clay thin brick body.  This is a great product for backsplashes, feature walls, accent walls, and fireplace surrounds.    

  • Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Whether you’re stealthy, wealthy, or neither, nothing improves the quality of life at home like an upscale outdoor entertainment space. Here are several products to consider:
An outdoor fireplace, such as American Fyre Designs, Isokern Earthcore, or Mason-Lite

An outdoor fan such as the Big Ass Fan is perfect for a covered outdoor space, and Bromic outdoor heaters extend the livability of outdoor entertainment areas. 

Natural stone to surround your fireplace with beauty.    

Home outdoor entertainment space

This multifaceted veneer can be used to enhance the look and feel of a wide range of projects, from exterior walls to interior accent walls, kitchen backsplashes to outdoor entertainment spaces, and any other spot that can benefit from the timeless character of stone.

No home office is complete without a secure way to receive deliveries. Crooks can be stealthy, too, and the Box Gobbler keeps them away from your business and home deliveries.

Quality Is Forever

The concept of “stealth wealth” is a catchy media term that has gained recent popularity. However, appreciation of the value of quiet luxury has been around since the beginning of civilization. Clever terms and fashions may change, but quality, well-made products will never cease to impress buyers. 
Acme is more than brick. To get some great ideas on home improvement products that are not found in the BIG BOX stores, just click here.