Case Studies in Architecture

Architects inspire us every day. You take our simple, versatile products to incredible heights and creative places. We celebrate your innovation with the buildings we feature regularly in print ads and brochures. And now Acme Brick introduces Case Studies in Architecture, a growing library of in-depth looks at the design work that goes into these projects.

Here you can view and download each case study that include:

  • technical details and descriptions;
  • a wider range of photography; and
  • unique applications of colors, textures, and patterns.

Take the dive into our ocean of opportunities!


Central Academic Building, Texas A&M San Antonio

This project opens a new chapter for the revered A&M system, and an entire new line for Acme Brick. The expansive campus is a bold commitment to an underserved South Texas population, designed to interpret regional tradition and architectural history in striking ways. Acme Brick worked closely with the design team to create a blade cut brick for a smoother alternative to wire cutting. Now, we are making select blade cut blends available as new options in creative design to take your imagination further.

ENT Fort Worth, Texas

Not long after ENT Fort Worth at Clearfork was completed, its distinctive reclaimed Brazilian hardwood sections showed strain. Despite successful installations elsewhere across the country, the first six months of North Texas weather exacted a toll. Tight seams separated, and the wood discolored and warped, popping nails, and tilting and twisting out of its frame. That was before its neighbors at Acme Brick suggested MAC Metal Architectural as a redeeming replacement solution.

St. Vincent, Mixed Use Building, Austin Texas

This mixed-use project stands on a prominent corner of Austin’s storied South Congress Avenue, turning what had been a parking lot into a bustling retail and creative office space. Interaction with nature was central to the design. A blend of brick shades and textures provided the right animated surface for this vibrant pedestrian district. Brick defines the project as both its predominant surface material and its readily visible image from street or sidewalk.

Washington Heights Elementary, Fort Worth

Washington Heights Elementary School is back in the sunshine, rebuilt above grade to replace a 1979 underground school. Airport noise mitigation now comes from angled walls of Featherlite Hill Country Stone. Entry and playground facades have colorful walls of Acme Brick, animated by a multicolor basketweave pattern that celebrates the school's prominent site. With Acme’s durable, beautiful masonry products, the future is bright, indeed.

Worthington Bank, Clearfork

Many of Fort Worth’s best-loved buildings are built of modular Acme Brick. Now that roster includes a bank literally next door to our headquarters. Every aspect of the new Worthington National Bank building speaks to elegance, sophistication, and respect for tradition. Yet the entire project, from pilasters to arches, was executed using only economical modular brick, in standard colors and textures, sourced from nearby brick plants. Ready to turn a value proposition into an architectural statement?