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For more than 30 years, homeowners have loved the look and durability of porcelain tile. Now, this flooring product has found even more fans. The home design experts attribute this to its “regenerative” capacity.

According to this well-regarded architectural and design publication, “Regenerative design in its simplest form is design that goes beyond sustainability with its mantra of ‘do no harm.’ It is based on holistic thinking and draws inspiration from systems and images found in nature. It aims to reconnect and realign humans and their activities with the natural environment, thereby reducing the negative environmental impacts of today’s society while addressing urgent issues such as the lingering Covid-19 pandemic, and whatever may come next,”

As a flooring option, porcelain tile checks several boxes for regenerative design.

Porcelain tile flooring and wall coverings make a stunning design statement, while offering hygienic safety, thermal benefits and wear-resistance. Click here to get some great ideas on this regenerative design product.

Biophilic Design Trend

One of the hottest trends for home design in 2023 is biophilic design. This concept integrates natural aspects in products such as porcelain tile and is an important aspect of regenerative design. 
According to this source, “Porcelain tile is manufactured with a wide range of biophilic graphics and finishes, including stone and wood looks, in a range of neutral, natural colors. Porcelain tile is hygienic, nonporous, and does not support microbial growth. Being nonporous, it is easily cleaned with safe and simple cleaners, not requiring the use of harsh disinfectants or other chemicals.
“The significant mass of a porcelain tile installation consisting of backerboard, mortar, and tile results in a heat sink in the built space. This becomes a temperature moderator for the space, resulting in reduced heating and cooling energy demands. Porcelain tile’s efficient manufacturing processes and long installed life give it the lowest embodied carbon of any competing flooring type.”
Acme Brick flooring expert, Cassandra Kilgore, has seen the popularity of this product skyrocket. “Some porcelain tile can be purchased with antimicrobial technology which leads to a cleaner environment. These tiles are allergen free; they are durable, easy to clean, won’t stain and they are pet friendly. They keep their ‘like new’ appearance longer than any other floor and can be a permanent floor. These include: Home, Craft, Connect and Flow.

“Our tile also has different finishes within the series, like adding rougher textures and pavers which allow for outdoor installations as well.”
While some feel the COVID-pandemic, which had families working, studying, and entertaining from home, 24/7, increased the demand for hygienic flooring, Kilgore notes, “tile with anti-microbial properties has been around for some time. Antimicrobial tile has been and is still used in hospitals, medical offices, daycare facilities and other places where hygiene is important. It’s important to note that the technology has gotten so much better and does not need sunlight to be activated.”

"Home" Acme tile flooring

So Many Choices

Acme offers a wide array of popular porcelain tile brands. Kilgore notes, “We source from factories based on their ‘green’ initiatives, high-quality, cutting-edge technology, recognizable brands, & inspired designs. These include:

  • Interceramic 
  • Florim USA
  • American Wonder US
  • Panaria
  • Portobello America
  • Atlas Concorde 
  • Del Conca 
  • La Mosa
  • Transceramica/Fiandre 
  • Mediterranea/Serenissima
  • Iris 
  • Stonepeak  
  • Timeless Design

The tiles used by citizens of ancient Rome, which were adorned with early biophilic design of green ivy have seen remarkable improvement. Porcelain tile offers thermal benefits to reduce energy consumption, extremely low porosity resulting in hygienic and easy-to-clean surfaces and significant wear-resistance for a long life. Regenerative design may be a new term, but the benefits of porcelain tile are timeless.

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