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When the coronavirus first began to be noticed by physicians and public health experts in early 2020, few were concerned. Unfortunately, it was to become a once-in-a-century pandemic and, in the process, heightened the awareness of the potential dangers of all air and surface borne microbes. The partnership between science and business began working on ways to prevent this virus and the other highly contagious germs, such as those from bacteria, from spreading. 

One of the unintended consequences of the pandemic was social distancing. This caused every member of the family to begin working, learning, cooking, eating, and trying to stay healthy, at home, 24/7. While this was healthier than being in a crowded room with others who might be carrying COVID, it had the effect of making the home a veritable “petri dish” for growing a variety of microbes, some of which were benign and some of which were dangerous. This was especially problematic if there were younger children - famous for their messes - in the family.

This situation and intense concern for safety has led to the development of products that reduce the number of pathogens that can be spread in the home. These include the PROTECT® ceramic tile products with Microban®, available from Acme Brick, Tile & Stone.

Are you concerned about bacteria in your home? Click for more information on PROTECT ceramic tile products.

Viruses Versus Bacteria

Not all infectious air and surface microbes are the same. A virus is the simplest of germs. It is genetic material encased in protein and must enter a living thing to perform its only function - replication. Common diseases caused by viruses include colds and flus, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, and COVID-19.

Bacteria are bigger and more complex than viruses, though they can still spread through the air. A bacterium is a single cell, and it can live and reproduce almost anywhere on its own: in soil, in water, on surfaces, and in our bodies. Like viruses, bacteria can cause harm by replicating quickly in our bodies, killing cells. Common diseases caused by bacteria include food poisoning, strep throat, and urinary tract infections as well as infections such as tuberculosis.

PROTECT Tiles Effectively Kill 99.9% of Bacteria

Perilous times sometimes lead to dramatic healthcare innovations. A good example of this is the development of penicillin. After its development in the late 1930’s, it was used to fight infections during World War II and thousands of lives were saved. Concern about COVID-19 has caused new awareness of all potentially dangerous microbes – both viruses and bacteria. Although vaccines are being used to fight COVID-19, a new approach to preventing the spread of bacteria is now available.

“The Microban additive found in the PROTECT ceramic tile products is a game changer,” said Don Koesling of Acme Brick, Tile & Stone.

“The technology in these PROTECT tiles involves silver ions that block the metabolism of the bacteria. It is extremely powerful in eliminating these microbes and preventing their proliferation. It also offers continuous protection 24 hours a day, with or without sunlight. Unlike other technologies, such as those using titanium dioxide, the protective shield is always active and does not need ultraviolet rays for activation.

“The silver ions are permanently integrated into the tile at the time of their firing at 1200 degrees C, and this means the tile will always provide a high level of protection, from one cleaning to another,” he added. “Plus, the tile is completely safe for contact from children and pets. PROTECT tiles are manufactured in the United States by Microban, the world’s leader in antibacterial technology, and comply with international safety regulations.”   

Four Collections of Antibacterial Tiling

For all their technology, these antibacterial tiles are stunning to look at. There are four Acme Brick, Tile & Stone collections from which to choose.

1. Home

The Home collection is a softened, harmonious flow of surfaces and styles designed for new settings in which to feel good. Small corners to relax in, where the solidity of stone becomes as variable as concrete. It is excellent for coordinated floor and wall solutions. 

2. Flow 

An Italian stone with enduring allure animates the heart of this functional and high-performance porcelain stoneware. It is capable of cloaking interiors in a timeless, yet entirely modern, elegance. Its beauty resides on the surface, crisscrossed by infinite tone-on-tone shades that turn each piece into a unique material.

3. Connect 

Connect reflects the contemporary nature of the present, where everything interacts. Combining different stones, a unique and original surface is created. Diversity becomes the new beauty, to be discovered through a slightly “lived-in” texture in which delicate colors, a variety of designs, and natural veining intermingle. This is a perfect mix that generates an extraordinary new look, suitable for any type of indoor environment.

4. Craft

This porcelain tile is inspired by the tactile sensations of hand-woven fabric. Craft has a soft surface texture reminiscent of a woven fabric which uses a play of diagonal lines to create the illusion of a herringbone weave. This porcelain tile is perfect for installations that need subtle texture and refined style. 

Commercial Applications

These innovative, bacteria-shielding tiles are also being used in commercial settings with great success. These include:

  • Restaurants, canteens, and commercial kitchen tops 
  • Gyms, wellness centers, and spas 
  • Healthcare environments and medical offices 
  • Airports, shopping centers, and schools 

Everyone Can Have This Safety from Bacteria

There is some good news about these protective tiles. Every Acme customer - from construction professionals to DIYers - can purchase them, and they are priced in line with comparable grades of traditional tile.

This means that they are excellent additions to indoor and outdoor kitchen food prep surfaces, bathrooms (they are perfect for floors and showers), and entertainment or flooring and walls for workout rooms.

“We market to our entire customer base,” Koesling said. “These products are available to builders, contractors, architects, designers, remodelers, and do-it-yourselfers.”

More than any time in modern history, it is critical for your home to be safe from germs that can cause illness. Contact your Acme Brick, Tile & Stone representative to learn more about the PROTECT tiles.